9 Untold Health Tips for Kids

health tips for kids

As a parent, it is only natural to be constantly concerned about the health and well-being of your children. Knowing the best way to keep your children safe from disease can be an uphill task for any parent.

There is so much information, too many maladies to be worried about, and too many predisposing factors. It’s a jungle out there!

What would really help is if there was a concise list of health tips to look out for – and thankfully, that is exactly what this article is about. Here is a list of 9 health tips for parents to observe that will ensure better health and wellbeing for their youngsters.

9 Untold Health Tips for Kids
  • Add Salt in the Bath Tub
  • Stay Away from Artificial Lights
  • Go Bare-Footed in the Mud
  • Let Them Enjoy the Sun (but not too much)
  • Eat the Right Fat in Right Quantities
  • Soup and Broth for the Right Health
  • Balance the Bacteria Levels in their Gut
  • Keep them Away From Harmful Chemicals
  • Let them Freely Exercise On their Own

#1 - Salt in the Bath Tub

Never underestimate the importance of salt. Salts are an essential ingredient in the growth and development of kids. Granted, you might not be too concerned if your children are having all their dietary needs met.

Adding some sea salt or Epsom salt in the bathtub is likely to transform your kids’ health and wellbeing. The salt will boost magnesium levels in the body which helps the body relax but also improves health.

Addition of salt in the bathroom can also help alleviate asthma, allergies and other diseases. You could also add some natural Himalayan salt just to maximize the benefits of the trace minerals unique to this salt.  

#2 - Let Your Kids Stay Away from Artificial Lights

Research has established that too much exposure to artificial light in children can result in cancer. Artificial light usually interferes with the secretion of melatonin in children which is why it might lead to cancer. It could also lead to interference with the sleep patterns of the baby.

It is imperative for the baby to have enough sleep and interruption of the sleep cycle could negatively impact on the growth and development of the baby. (Here are some tips on better quality sleeps for your consideration).

It is a good idea to keep your children away from too much artificial light, especially at night. As an alternative, you can use these natural lamps instead, as they will help the baby to breathe fresh air and also provide them with sound sleep.

#3 - Go Bare-footed in the Mud

Do not be too worried about your kids playing barefoot in mud. While making sure your kids are wearing those rubber-soled shoes is usually only for their good, it might be achieving just the opposite.

Children that play bare-footed usually come in contact with bacteria and germs and this helps boost their immunity.  In addition to this, there is an increase in the production of iron and zinc which is good for the formation of haemoglobin and for their immune system.

#4 - Let Them Enjoy the Sun

Sun is the greatest source of Vitamin D for your kid. Thus, allow them to play in the sun. When you use products such as sunscreen on them, you actually prevent their bodies to produce the required Vitamin D.

These products also mostly contain several toxic ingredients, highly unsuitable for small kids.

#5 - Right Fat in Right Quantities

A zero fat diet is detrimental to the health of your little ones. Yes, Trans fats are very harmful for your kids but saturated fats eaten in the right quantities are very beneficial.

Certain amounts of coconut oil, organic ghee, butter should be part and parcel of your kids’ diet.

#6 - Soup and Broth for the Right Health

Homemade soup and broth are very healthy since they have lots of minerals that are essential for the good health of the children.  

The broth and the soup have nutrients that will help in the growth and development of muscles, brain, skin and other important parts in the body.

#7 - Balance the Bacteria Levels in their Gut

Kids do have bacteria in their gut since birth, which however needs to be kept balanced to keep them healthy. For this reason, probiotics supplements are recommended as part of health tips for kids.

Such supplements, in the right quantities, help the kids to boost their energy, brain functions, and digestive systems effectively.

#8 - Keep them Away From Harmful Chemicals

We sometimes expose our kids to harmful chemicals without realizing it. These chemicals shows up in in all kinds of household products including toothpastes, soaps, moisturizers and others.

These harmful chemicals negatively impact the wellness of our kids. It is therefore a good idea to always use natural products for your kids.

#9 - Let them Freely Exercise On their Own

Parents are often too careful to the point they are afraid to allow their kids to exercise freely. However, it is a good idea to allow your kid to participate in strenuous activities like climbing up a tree, running up and down and other exercises.  Set your kids free to enjoy nature as much as is practically possible.

Wrapping Up…

Just observing the simple steps suggested above will greatly increase the health and wellbeing of your kids. Parents that have been doing these things are quite likely to have healthy, happy kids.