Top 5 Salt Lamps under $200

salt lamps under 200 dollars

With so many options to sift through, finding the best salt lamps under $200 is anything but easy. If you have ever researched on ways to naturally purify the indoor air of your home, you would come across these salt lamps.

These lamps, which are made from legit Himalayan rock salt, are very effective in cleaning of indoor air. With an increase in indoor pollutants, germs and other toxic substances, there is a corresponding rise in the need to get rid of the harmful elements in the air.

The Himalayan rocks, which can be found in the Punjab areas of Pakistan, are awesome materials for making lamps by simply placing fitted bulbs in the center.

There is a huge assortment of these lamps on the market and new designs are constantly being created and marketed. This is good news since you can easily choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, structures, bases, colors and other features that appeal to your taste.

Qualities of a Good Salt Lamp

In a nutshell, a good salt lamp should be able to clean the surrounding air while at the same time generating sufficient negative ions and for me, look good while doing it.  

Granted, most salt lamps do not have a large surface area which is important for the production of negative ions. In general, a lot of them have small surface area and while they are good in purifying the air naturally, don’t do so as good as the large lamps with a large surface area.

If you are looking to purchase a good Himalayan salt lamp under $200 dollars, here are some tips to help you pick one:

  • The size should fit in the place where you plan to place the lamp in your home
  • Have a moderately large surface area
  • Made from high quality rock salt, ensuring that it traps the pollutants in the indoor air
  • Have a firm base to ensure that it does not topple over when placed on any reasonable flat surface
  • Be durable and offer good value for your money

It is easy to get confused on exactly which salt lamp to settle for but the price of the product is a good way to narrow down your search. The following is a list of the top five Himalayan salt lamps under $200:

The Top Five Salt Lamps Under $200


Everest Himalayan Salt Lamp 15-18" Tall 54 -70 Lbs. Est. Best Huge Lamp for Larger Rooms

salt lamps under 200 dollars

This lamp  has received lots of positive reviews from users. It is a tall lamp with a large surface area and so ideal for those looking for lots of negative ions generation.

The rock salt is 100% Himalayan rock salt with a mesmerizing orange color which glows when it is lit. The longer it is lit, the better the lamp purifies the air. These lamps are very good at keeping fever, allergies and other illnesses caused air pollutants at bay. 

This bronze colored lamp comes in sizes of 10”  x 10” x 18” , weighs 80 pounds but the size may vary slightly since  it is handcrafted by artisans from the Black Tai  Salt Co. It is powered by electricity and besides purifying the indoor air; the orange light also leaves a natural and soothing effect on the room.

  • Pros
  • Beautiful and decorative
  • Purifies air effectively 
  • Creates a natural and soothing effect to its environment
  • Helps prevents fevers and allergies
  • Treats nasal congestion and lung problems
  • Reasonably priced so you get value for your money
  • Cons
  • No battery support as an alternative
  • The size might vary slightly from the image you see, mostly because the lamp is handcrafted.

Salt Lamp 50-65 Pound Crystal Rock Himalayan X-large Natural Ships UPS Ground

salt lamps under 200 dollars

It  is made from 100% pure Himalayan rock salt. This salt lamp is reddish in color. Although it has not been reviewed by too many users, the ones that have left their reviews seem very happy.  Do not be fooled by the exterior of the lamp which looks a bit rough because once lit, the lamp glows beautifully. In addition to this, it generates negative ions perfectly and so purifies the surrounding air very well.

The lamp is powered by electricity and the power cord comes with it. It is a tall lamp with a big enough surface area for the generation of negative ions. There are no particular specifications for these lamps since the naturally crafted rock salts are all unique.

  • Pros
  • Natural and beautiful
  • Purifies air effectively 
  • Gives a soothing and natural  aesthetic effect to its surroundings
  • Treats nasal congestion and lung problems
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Cord is replaceable
  • Cons
  • Apart from issues with  mistakes with the packaging of the product or missing cord, the lamp has not received any negative feedback so far

Black Tai Salt Lamp 60-80lbs - 100% Authentic Himalayan Salt

salt lamps under 200 dollars

This is another pure Himalayan lamp that is made from wood and crystal and it is not a very tall looking lamp.

The implication is that there is less surface area for generation of negative ions for air purification. It weighs 60 pounds and runs on electricity. The 6 ft. cord for the lamp. The bulb fitted in the center of the rock.

Genuine wood has been used to make the base which gives it a natural look. You will need sufficient space to place it to ensure it doesn’t fall.

  • Pros
  • Lamp color is beautiful and warm
  • Great looking lamp
  • Effectively traps air pollutants
  • Cons
  • There have been reports of few malfunctions, but in rare instances. Otherwise, the product looks good and feels good too

Everest - Himalayan Salt Lamp 60-65 lbs, 19"-24"tall

salt lamps under 200 dollars

This Himalayan salt lamp  is a tall-structured lamp with a height of 2-ft. It is handcrafted from pure Himalayan salt stone and it has beautiful pink and orange colors.

On putting the bulb on, it glows warmly thereby adding to the ambiance in the room.

The soothing effect makes it a perfect pick for a seating area or the bedroom. It ionizes effectively which makes it a must have for a healthier living.

  • Pros
  • High quality product, including the polished wooden base
  • The taller size provides a larger surface area, more suitable for negative ion generation
  • More air purification
  • Provides health benefits
  • Good value for money
  • Cons
  • No significant negative reviews have yet been received for this product. It’s indeed a good value for your money

Kailash Himalayan Salt Lamp I Modern Design Natural Crystal LED Mood Lighting I Eco Friendly Home Décor

salt lamps under 200 dollars

This is a one of a kind salt lamp. It has a modern and futuristic design – nothing like the other ones on this list. Chunks of Himalayan salt are uniformly placed in a raised holder and when the bulb is lit, it gives the chunks a beautiful glow.

This lamp uses a LED bulb so it will not use too much electricity.

  • Pros
  • Good air purification capacity
  • Low electricity consumption because the lamp is LED
  • Futuristic design
  • Has healing power
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cons
  • Since the surface area is not that large, ionization may be less, but that doesn’t affect the air purification process at all

Wrapping Up…

Even though the salt lamps under the $200 mark are many, the ones listed above stand out of the lot. The perfect size and quality of these lamps will give you great value for money.